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Elvis Mark Two and Johnny Cash tribute

Mark Caligiuri is a veteran performer and entertainer who has been wowing audiences all over the country with his unique tributes to some of history’s most revered artists. He is widely acknowledged to be Australia’s leading Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash tribute artist by far. As an Elvis Impersonator in Melbourne, he is unrivalled.  His costumes and on-stage presence are authentic down to the finest details and is the only Johnny Cash tribute in Australia to include June Carter-Cash singing crowd favorites such as “Jackson”. Feel free to check out the video page here on this site, or on Youtube.

Based in Melbourne – Victoria, Mark can tailor a show for any budget or venue – large or small – anywhere in Australia or the Asia-Pacific region. If you want to get in touch directly, you can contact Mark via this website or make a booking enquiry directly.



Oh my God you were the best!!!!!!!!!!! loved your show can’t wait to see the next one! Dolly (Parton) 39EE   

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